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Activated Carbon Blanket 38" x 118"

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Use by covering with 2 or 3 sheets or cotton or wool mattress pad.  The blankets need to be encased with 3 sheets on a bed or when used to cover car seats so as you do not perspire on them or breathe in tiny particles (especially if asthmatic)  They should not be gotten wet. 

Activated carbon felt solutions for absorbing chemical fumes from new beds, cars and furniture.

New conventional mattresses, new sofas, new cars, newly constructed homes, chemicals from new mobile homes, trailers and temporary housing. Odors from pets , odors in drawers, shelves and wardrobes. Musty old furniture, odors for flooded cars. Activated carbon felt blankets absorb toxic odors from new cars or recreation vehicles.

Activated Carbon Felt Blankets will absorb the chemicals around you quietly where you cannot take an air purifier.

Carbon blankets absorb fumes from new or old mattresses or can be used to cover carpets in a hotel room. Toxic formaldehyde fragrances and carpets cause additional symptoms to people with mcs and environmental illness. This activated carbon protection felt will absorb chemicals. Most people have ordered these for toxic new cars and for traveling as well as for covering new conventional sprayed fire retardant mattresses. If you are chemically sensitive or dislike and react to toxic car or mattress fumes consider the use of these carbon blankets.  The activated carbon can be reactivated by placing in very hot sun for a few hours. We recommend that an environmentally ill person use this cloth for protection in any toxic fume , mold odor or tobacco fume situations. The blanket will absorb fumes from the carpet, car, sofa, purify the air and protect you from fumes and chemicals.

2 of the 40" x 90" cover a full or queen mattress or a new car. Can be shipped within 2-3 days, email us if you need it ASAP (sales@refreshinglyfree.com)  Traveling in a plane or boat cruise you may need a way to absorb the new carpet odors, the vinyl , plastic, perfumes or tobacco odors of others.

If you are traveling to the visit family and friends during the holidays and wonder how you will survive the car fumes, and general pollution or chemical  fumes of hotels or homes.

40" X 90" activated carbon felt blankets 
are re useable and can be rejuvenated 
by placing in hot sun - Never wash or put in dryer. Use by covering with 2 or 3 sheets or mattress pad to keep perspiration/body fluids off of the blankets.

Additional Information

Activated Carbon Blanket Materials Construction. Activated carbon felt made from a process of carbonization and activation. More than 99% of this material are carbon elements. Composition. Its structure is like flakes of graphite micro-crystal built up at random. The average micro-crystal size is very small. Additional elements. Besides carbon, there is some Hydrogen and Nitrogen . Revolutionary. The felt represents an improvement to activated carbon - conventional granular or powdered activated carbon.

Surface area. It has a very large specific surface area (900 to 1600 square meter per gram), a huge of number of pores (80% of them are micro-pore), uniform pore size distribution (2 to 20 nm). Specifications: 1. Diameter of Fiber (um) 10-20 Elongation before Breaking (%) 3-5 3. Tensile Strength (kg/m) >5 4. Bulk Density (g/cm3) 0.04-0.06 Ash Content (%) 0.1-0.5 Decomposition Temperature or Ignition Point 500 degree C Specific Surface Area (m2/g) 900-1600 Total Pore Volume (ml/g) 0.6-1.2 Pore Size Distribution:10 A=1 nanometer) below 20A 83.9% 20-39A 6.1% 40-99A 6.2% 100A and over 3.8%Adsorptive Capacity1) Iodine Adsorption (liquid phase)900-1500 (mg/g) 2) Iodine Adsorptive Efficiency (%) 99.9 3)Benzene Adsorption (Wt%) 30-80 4)Methylene Blue (mg/g) 150-300 Large Adsorptive Capacity.

Its adsorptive capacity for organic gas and foul gas. Activated carbon felt also has good adsorption properties for inorganic gas and is 5 to 6 times larger than GAC in its adsorptive capacity for inorganic compounds, dyes, organic compounds, and precious metal ions in water. Also has good adsorption properties for microbes and bacteria (such as 94-99% adsorption for Escherichia coli). Excellent adsorption for low concentration solutions. It has high adsorptive capacity when the adsorbed substance is in ppm level, in contrast to GAC and other adsorbents in these conditions. Fast Adsorptive Capacity. This activated carbon felt has fast adsorptive speed for gas; it reaches very rapidly the adsorptive equilibrium for liquid. Its adsorptive speed is hundreds to thousand times that of GAC. Regenerated easily, De-adsorption Fast. Put in sun for rejuvenation.

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