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Information on Earth's Beauty Cosmetics

erb makeup pic.jpgWhat Are Earth's Beauty Cosmetics?


Achieve the look you want without the chemicals or parabens. The Earth's Beauty line is the purest line of makeup you will find. All products are carefully made using pure ingredients from the earth.What makes these mineral powders different from others? They are made only from organic arrowroot flour, minerals, iron oxides and mica for colorings. To achieve an SPF 15 face powder, ingredients such as kaolin clay, magnesium stearate, and zinc oxide are added. There is no titanium dioxide in the products which can be drying to the skin in a powder form. Earth's Beauty™ products are formulated with a number of ethical principles in mind: 

  • No use of ingredients that are known health hazards for humans or the environment.
  • No ingredients used are tested on animals. 
  • No finished products are tested on animals. 
  • No ingredients are obtained from killed animals, exotic animals, or endangered animals.
  • No use of FD&C colorings or carmine.
  • No NANO Particles 
  • Gluten free products

Makeup Tips

  • Once your skin is a clean, clear canvas, a Earth's Beauty foundation powder is applied to ensure a smooth, healthy and natural finish. Chose a color that matches your skintone as closely as possible.  If you tend to have rosacea or a ruddy complexion, try our Color Corrective Powder powder to tone the red down. If you want to conceal imperfections, it is recommend to the SPF 15 powders as they have more coverage. If one has a skin tone that is excellent and wants a light coverage than the Original formula would suit you.
  • Apply a loose powder with a powder brush over the foundation. We sell a Kabuki Brush which we recommend for this purpose.  Pressed powders are in their pressed form because they have been set with oil. Loose powders are made with an arrowroot base and seal the pores of your skin. This allows less oil to surface on the face and keeps your make up fresh. Another advantage is that the aging effects of the pollution in the atmosphere are decreased when the pores are closed.
  • Once the Foundation powder is applied, your blush can be applied using our blush brush, or if you prefer, the luscious Kabuki brush.
  • The reason for using brushes as opposed to sponges and/or puffs is that the application is much smoother and there are no trapped oils or dirt in a brush. A pad, puff or sponge picks up and holds the skin's rejected oils and dirt each time you use it. Many women complain that their make-up looks faded and shiny after only a few hours of applying it. This is because they have added dirt to their faces and the pores are secreting massive amounts of oil to protect the skin. A brush can be cleaned daily with soap and water and left to dry until the next application, ensuring good skin hygiene.  We highly recommend frequent brush washing.
  • To prolong the staying power of loose eye shadows, first apply the foundation powder to the lid area, and then apply the eye shadow.  Our SPF 15 powders are great in this instance as they have a heavier coverage and can provide a thicker base if one tends to have oily eye lids.

Earth's Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow

Natural eyeshadow made from only organic ingredients and was not tested on animals. It goes on smooth and lasts. Also fragrance free and good for sensitive skin types.


Earth's Beauty Mineral Foundation Powder

100% Natural mineral foundation powder that is fragrance free, chemical free and free of parabens. Choose from 4 popular colors.


Earth's Beauty Mineral SPF Foundation Powder

100% Natural mineral foundation powder plus SPF 15 that is fragrance free, chemical free and free of parabens.


Earth's Beauty Concealer & Mascara

Natural concealer with good coverage that is chemical free and fragrance free.  Chemical free mascara that works well for most sensitive individuals.