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Information on Household Cleaning Products

What are Fragrance Free Household Cleaning Products?

Refreshingly Free, LLC offer products that have been used and tested by my mother who has multiple chemical sensitivity. We only offer products that have been tolerable to her and we hope that you can use them as well.

  • Organic Choice is a great organic cleaner for those with MCS - odorless and colorless.
  • PureGreen24 is the only choice for a proven green disinfectant with no odor.
  • Seventh Generation Products are environmentally friendly, fragrance free and don't contain harmful synthetic chemicals.
  • Natural Choices products are a non toxic alternative to chemical based products. We offer a wide rangle of these cleaning products. Natural Choices products are made for those with allergies, sensitivities and asthmas - no fragrance.
  • Howard Naturals line is vegetable based cleaning products and we carry only the fragrance free products.
  • Organic and Nature products solutions are intelligent alternatives to the dangerous chemical products that communities are seeking to distance themselves from. Environmentally safe products eliminate threats to public and reduce institutional exposure to lawsuits.
  • EcoDiscoveries brings you the power of nature to tackle today's toughest cleaning chores. The industry's most effective and safest line of enzyme and plant-based liquid cleaners for you, your family, and the environment (indoors and out).

  • Nature Clean brings you fragrance free, non-toxic and biodegradable products that are created from naturally derived ingredients. 

    NC dishwashing liquid.jpgFor the Dishes

  • We offer all fragrance free dishwashing liquids, automatic dishwashing gels and powders as well as a automatic dishwashing rinse agent and fruit and veggie wash/spray.  Great products for those with chemical sensitivies, allergies and asthma.

    Howard Naturals prod.pngFor the Kitchen

  • We have grouped together all of the products used to clean your kitchen! Check out the dishwashing soaps, cabinets cleaners and disinfectants.  We have also added all of our hardwood furniture polishes and cleaners.

    ncl FloorCleaner.jpgFor the Floors (and Carpets)

  • Include all fragrance free floor cleaners.  All of these are non toxic, petroleum free floor cleaners.  There is a products that will work for carpet, tile, hardwood, and lineoleum floors. We have also included stain removal products as well as carpet deodorizers and odor removal products.

    ecobathroom.jpgBathroom Cleansers

  • All fragrance free products for those with chemical sensitivities that are used to clean your bathroom - tub, tile, sinks and toilets.