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Information on Our Nail Care Products

What are Fragrance Free Nail Care Products?

A hypoallergenic, nail polish specially formulated from nature's storehouse of natural, biodegradable ingredients which will dry to a hard, durable, chip-free finish. No foul odors, no toxic chemicals, and no damage to your nails or to the environment. And, it's free of formaldehyde, toluene, acetone, BPA, DBP and every other chemical you can think of! 

Because the polish is so easy to use, dries so quickly and has no odor, you can use it anywhere without offending anyone – in the car, on an airplane or watching TV . Finally, a polish you can depend on – and we made it just for you.


(We will have to discontinue this polish when we are out of stock so there are limited colors and quantities avaialble.)

 Refreshingly Free Nail Polish

Our Refreshingly Free Nail Polish has been made exclusively for us and tested by my mother. Her MCS will not allow any harsh fragrances or allergens in it which makes it a prime choice for anyone with similar symptoms. 


Odorless Nail Polish Remover

All of the Nail polish removers we offer.  These are odorless removers and several are gluten free.  We also have a couple soy and corn based removers.