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NC dishwashing liquid.jpg
ef dishwasher gel.jpg
Earth Friendly Wave Auto Dishwasher Gel
New High Performance Wave Gel Free & Clear has been rated as the most effective natural auto dish product. Wave is free of  phosphates, chlorine and caustics. This plant-based product has a neutral pH and is fully biodegradeable. It works beautifully on your dishes, silverware, and glassware.
Price: $8.00
sg dish gel.jpg
Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel
Makes effortless work of whatever is waiting in your dishwasher, without
the use of phosphates or chlorine. This NEW & improved
plant-derived formula now contains enzymes for greater cleaning power
Price: $7.99
NC rinse agent.jpg
Nature Clean Dishwasher Rinse Agent  (Out of Stock)

The big helper in the little bottle!

Get sparking clean dishes without harming our lakes.  Our formula is non-toxic and 99.7% natural so it will get your dishes and cutlery sparking clean.  Nature Clean's Rinse Agent has been formulated to be free of phosphates therefore it's grey water and septic tank safe. 

Price: $5.49
 (Out of Stock)
ncl dish_powder.jpg
Nature Clean Automatic Dishwashing Powder

"Up to 20% Phosphates"...that's what's in the Dish Powder brought to you by your "friendly" multi-national corporation!

This dishwasher powder is a 100% phosphate free formula created without any chlorine bleach, which means that we’re not adding to the strain on our already overtaxed fresh water lakes and rivers. Also avoided are the equally harmful replacements for phosphates - EDTA and NTA, used in many other phosphate free dishwasher powders.  
Price: $11.25
Oxy dish.jpg
Oxy-Dish Automatic Dishwashing - 2 lb.

OXY-Dish is the premiere, ultra-concentrated dishwasher detergent that contains no chlorine or other ‘cheater chemicals.   Not only will your dishes sparkle but your kitchen will actually smell spring rain fresh instead that heavy chemical smell left by most dishwasher detergents.

OXY-Dish is highly recommended for people with allergies, asthma or chemical sensitivities as it reduces chemical exposure. 

 + Powerful, spot-free cleaning without chlorine or other dangerous chemicals

+  Ultra Concentrated – use ½ as much  as other brands. 

+  Enhanced with the proven power of OXY-Boost

+  Nontoxic – earth, health, pet and kid-friendly.

Price: $12.95