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Samples are available for many of the products we carry but we must charge a small fee. The fee for the sample is to cover our time, cost of bottles and packing supplies to ship the samples. Many of our manufacturers do not offer sample sizes of their products so the majority of the samples we offer are packaged by us in small sample cups (1/4 oz) with screw on lids with  labels we have created. The samples normally allow for 1-2 test applications or uses for the product.

We provide these samples because we feel that this is an important option for those who have sensitivities and would like to test the product before spending money on a bottle they may not use.

Please note: Hair care sample sizes are adequate for short to medium length hair but may not be adequate for thick, long hair. If you have longer or thicker hair, you may wish to purchase 2 sample sizes to insure that you can test the products sufficiently.
nc hair & body tn.jpg
Sample Natural Choices Hair & Body Wash
Sample- Natural Choices Hair and Body Wash..
Price: $0.95
log shampoo.jpg
Sample Logona Shampoo & Shower Gel
Sample - Logona Fragrance Free Shower Gel and Shampoo
Price: $0.95
mgb shampoo tn.jpg
Sample Magick Botanicals Shampoo
Sample - Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Shampoo
Price: $0.90
mgb cond tn.jpg
Sample Magick Botanicals Conditioner
Sample - Magick Botanicals Fragrance Free Conditioner
Price: $0.90
earth science shampoo.jpg
Sample Earth Science Shampoo
A gentle, 100% fragrance free shampoo for all hair types, especially for those sensitive to fragrances.
Price: $0.95
earth science conditioner.jpg
Sample Earth Science Conditioner
Sample Earth Science Conditioner
Price: $0.95
giovanii conditioner.jpg
Giovanni Triple Treat Conditioner - Sample

Giovanni products will condition and moisturize naturally, and provide both essential and luxurious herbs and minerals to begin to repair some of the damage and dryness, and restore your hair to its natural beauty.

Price: $1.00
giovanni shampoo.jpg
Giovanni Triple Treat Shampoo - Sample

Giovanni shampoo is a natural harmonious blend of herbs, minerals, and vegetable protein taken from the bosom of mother nature. These Shampoos leaves the hair looking shiny, vibrant and healthy. Giovanni Shampoo is made not to strip hair color. Golden Wheat Shampoo is a deep cleansing shampoo for normal to oily hair. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo is a natural harmonious blend of essential oils, herbs, minerals and vegetable protein, highlighted and enriched with Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, rosemary and Peppermint.

Price: $1.00
RP shampoo.jpg
Sample Real Purity Shampoo
Sample of Real Purity natural fragrance free shampoo.
Price: $1.50
rp hair rinse.bmp
Sample Real Purity Conditioner
Sample - Real Purity Conditioning Rinse
Price: $1.50
Sample Tate's Odorless Shampoo
Sample - Tate's Natural Miracle Shampoo
Price: $1.00
tates conditioner.jpg
Sample Tate''s Conditioner
Sample - Tate's Natural Miracle Conditioner
Price: $1.00
oe wild_mint_conditioner.jpg
Organic Mint Conditioner - Sample
Organic Excellence Wild Mint Conditioner - Sample.  Great chemical free conditioner
Price: $1.50
oe wild_mint_shampoo.jpg
Organic Mint Shampoo - Sample
Organic Excellence Wild Mint Shampoo - Sample.  Great chemical free shampoo
Price: $1.50
Tijeras Shampoo.jpg
Sample -Tijeras Unscented Shampoo
Sample of the Unscented Tijeras Organic Shampoo
Price: $0.95
tijeras conditioner.jpg
Sample - Tijeras Unscented Organic Conditioner
Sample of Tijeras Unscented Organic Conditioner
Price: $0.95
AO Shampoo.jpg
Sample Avalon Organics Shampoo
Sample of Olive and Grape Seed Moisturizing Fragrance Free Shampoo
Price: $0.95
AO conditioner.jpg
Sample Avalon Organics Conditioner
Sample of Olive and Grape Seed Moisturizing Fragrance Free Conditioner
Price: $0.95
rp hair gel.jpg
Sample Real Purity Hair Gel
Sample - Real Purity Natural Hair Gel
Price: $1.00
rr shampoo.jpg
Rainbow Research Shampoo for Kids - Sample
Sample of the Rainbow Shampoo for Kids was formulated using the most gentle ingredients available. We added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisturize the skin. Our bubbles are rich and long lasting, providing fun in the bathtub, hot tub, or whirlpool.
Price: $0.95
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