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I Can Breathe!® Masks offer a way for people who are sensitive to be outside and indoors amid pollution, fragrances, exhaust and other irritants.  My mother wears her mask to run, work outside amid smoke, exhaust and other irritants. She has also worn the mask in places where perfumes, molds and cleaning agents are noticeable as well as when she reads magazines and newspapers. 
Be sure to check out the new Honeycomb Sport Mask Kit - these filters work to keep out irritants and have exhalation valves.
Customer Comments from I Can Breathe!: 
A business traveler says: "The I Can Breathe! Carbon mask saved my lungs and kept me healthy while traveling overseas. In Hanoi the air was thick and gray and I could not breathe deeply unless I wore the carbon mask. I had the same experience in Delhi and in Kathmandu. The smell of exhaust was completely gone when I put on the mask. I was around a lot of people who were coughing and sneezing. Last year I traveled the same area without any mask for protection and suffered from a chronic cough and 3 respiratory infections. With the mask on this year I was totally healthy. I wore the mask whenever I flew and again I feel this is the reason I was not sick in the 4 months I was overseas. Your mask gives our bodies the protection it needs to stay healthy and enjoy the travel. My lungs and I thank you." Punita in California

Regarding smoke from fires, Punita reported: "The smell of the burning fires in which they even burn plastics was not a problem if I had the mask on. Without the mask, I could not breathe in an area where they were burning trash."

"I wanted to let you know how well the Honeycomb Mask is working. I've used it to dust, sort old papers, and vacuum. In the past, those tasks would make me congested or even gave me a sinus infection within 24 hours. I've been using it for the past 2 weeks and I have had no problems. It is comfortable, cool, and doesn't fog up my glasses! It's the first mask that allows me to wear my glasses. Thanks! Sincerely, Becky

"In September 1997, about 11 a.m., I experienced fatigue, chills, mental confusion, and indecisiveness. After resting for two hours with no improvement, I realized there might be something in the air. I put on a Honeycomb Mask with carbon filter. Within minutes, my body warmed and mind cleared, energy returned, and I knew what to do next. After 3 p.m. I called to learn the pollution count for the day: 65 Particulate Matter. Now if I feel fatigued, chilled, and mentally foggy, I put on the Honeycomb Mask and have energy to get on with what needs doing." I Can Breathe! Inc. mask designer Adrien Bledstein, Chicago

"I want to thank you for the latest mask you sent me. As you know, I am extremely sensitive to dust, mold, and petrochemical fumes.  I use your mask whenever I am cleaning, sorting through old papers, working in an area where other people have used paints, solvents, or cleaning products.  I find that your masks not only effectively control my exposures, but are also less cumbersome and more attractive than other products I have tried.  I have recommended your products to others and will continue to do so. Thank you, Jeane Davis

Please Note: Masks are very personal items and therefore non-refundable unless defective.  We are unable to allow a test period for masks.

beige sport kit.jpg
I Can Breathe! Sport Masks
Includes all of the Honeycomb Sports Masks and their refills. The Sports Mask kits allow you to breathe in through the activated carbon filter. When you breathe out, a flap in each exhalation valve allows the air to expel rapidly.
Beige mask.jpg
Honeycomb Masks with Classic Filter
All of the Honeycomb masks include an activated carbon filter with small velcro circles to attach the filter to on the inside of the mask.
The Beige and Brown Honeycomb masks can be used with either the Classic carbon filter or the Sports carbon filter with valves.
The Lace, Tan and White Honeycomb masks can be used exclusively/ONLY with the Classic activated carbon filter and can not be used with the sports filter.
icb silk.jpg
Other Masks (without Carbon filters)
Masks without Carbon filters - silk, organic cotton and cold weather masks. 
Activated Carbon Blanket Small 40" x 90"
Activated Carbon Blanket - for safe chemical free odor and fume control - Activated carbon felt blanket of pure anthracite carbon 40 " x 90"  (1 meter x 2.5 meters) Twin size.
2 +$133.00