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Information on our Soaps and Body Washes

What are Fragrance Free Soaps and Body Washes


Our line of Fragrance Free Body Washes and Soaps are designed to be completely safe for those who have sensitive senses of smell. With these products we carry, we can guarantee that you will not have any irritation caused from any kind of scent because there will be none to speak of. 

My Mother's MCS has made it necessary for us to design and discover these products we carry and have been proven to not cause any discomfort or reactions in those with allergies or diseases that cause discomfort in the nose. 



GM soap Group.jpg     Green Mountain Soaps

All of the Green Mountin soap is: gluten free, latex free, casein free, free of all parabens including methylparaben, alcohol free, free of artificial colors and dyes. Our bath and liquid soaps contain no mineral oil or petroleum, no aluminum or alum, no sodium lauryl sulfate and no pesticides. Our soaps are all-natural. The Green Mountain Soap Company is proud of its liquid soap line, which is true soap and not liquid detergent. It took months of testing to develop a liquid soap that met our specifications for quality, glycerine content, and value. This soap is as gentle as our bar soap. It performs well in the bath as soap and shampoo.  It can also be used in the kitchen as a fruit and vegetable wash, and in the laundry for fine washables.  It is available as a liquid castile soap or a foaming hand soap (coconut free).


vani_cleansing_bar.jpg     Bar Soaps

Various fragrance free bar soaps.


ncl liquid hand soap.jpg            Body Washes

Fragrance Free Body Washes and Cleansers


tom body wash.jpg    Liquid Hand Soaps


Fragrance free liquid hand soaps, also includes hand sanitizers as well