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Welcome to Refreshingly Free!

Welcome to Refreshingly Free - Natural and Fragrance Free Products


Refreshingly Free, LLC offers all fragrance free products that should be tolerable to those with chemical sensitivities, asthma, and allergies, and anyone who is looking for safer products. My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness several years ago and we began searching for fragrance free products that were tolerable to her.  We are still constantly searching for fragrance free products to add and we usually get samples of all products for my mother to test.


We also realize that individuals have different levels of sensitivity so all products might not be suitable for all individuals. Therefore, we do offer samples of various products so that individuals can verify a product will work for them before purchasing larger sizes.  We try to offer safer products but also realize that some people just need the products to be fragrance free in order to tolerate them.  Therefore, there are several things we look for when adding new products to our site. 

General Product Guidelines:

  • First and foremost, we do require that all products are fragrance free and have no noticeable scent.   
  • If there is any noticeable scent to the products, we do list that on the items web page. 
  • Since we also have children, we are also looking for products that are safer for them, like Natural Sunscreens (UV Naturals) and Odorless Nail Polish.
  • We look for those that contain less toxic ingredients than traditional products. 
  • We look for products to offer that are free of toxic or questionable chemicals, such as Zeolite odor control products.
  • We look for those that are BPA free, sulfate free, and/or Wheat and/or Gluten Free Products.
  • We look for those that are organic ingredients and eco friendly products.

Each product will not meet all criteria so we offer several product lines. We also like to list the ingredients in the products on the product page so that our customers can review them for ingredients that may aggravate sensitivities or cause irritation.  We realize that all products will not meet each individuals needs but try to offer something that might work for you.

Our main focus is to provide fragrance free products for those with chemical sensitivities, asthma and allergies. But while focusing on offering such products we have found many other products that can benefit chemically sensitive individuals and anyone who wants safer products and/or who are concerned about the environment.   We offer I Can Breathe MasksEco Friendly Products Green Cleaning ProductsZeolite odor control products, as well as safer cosmetics, Chemical Free and Natural Sunscreen and odorless nail polish and removers.  We have also added a section for those customers who need Wheat and Gluten Free Products.   A section of our website displays the products that are free of wheat and gluten.

If you are chemically sensitive and are unable to find a product on our site, please contact us at info@refreshinglyfree.com so that we can provide a product to meet your needs. Let us supply you with safer, nontoxic, and non fragranced supplies for a healthier lifestyle. We offer a range of products for those with multiple chemical sensitivity ,asthma and allergies (including Bulk size items for hospitals, schools, gyms and large facilities.)