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Zeolite Carpet Deodorizer

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Product Description

Sprinkle the granules onto troublesome odor areas of carpeting. Odors and bacterial gasses will be eliminated after material is vacuumed up. It will eliminate (not cover up) odors such as smoke, ammonia, methane, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. Non-toxic to humans and pets. 
Size: 32 oz. bottle. This size will cover appoximately 500 square feet.  View MSDS Sheet for Carpet Deodorizer.

 Where & Why
To Use


Use Rate

How To Use

Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery - Pet soilage, food spills, chemical odors from outgassing of new materials.

 Carpet Deodorizer

2-6 tsp.. per sq. ft. Use varies based on severity of soilage and odors.

Sprinkle directly on problem areas. Wait 45 minutes or up to 24 hours. Vacuum.

Bathroom & Laundry - Mildew, mustiness, bathroom odors, excessive moisture.

 General Purpose Pouches, Carpet Deodorizer

2 lbs. per 250 sq. ft. for airborne contam- inants. 2-6 tsp.. per sq. ft. on floors and carpets. 1-2 4 oz. units in hampers.

Use "S" hook to hang on backside of commode tank and in hampers. Sprinkle powder on carpet around tubs, toilets, and washing machines.

Bathroom & Sickroom - Chemically sensitive and allergic patients will benefit greatly from clean environment.

 General Purpose Pouches, Carpet Deodorizer

2 lbs. per 250 sq. ft. for airborne contam- inants. 2-6 tsp.. per sq. ft. for urine on carpets or beds, and on windows that sweat due to humidity or cold.

Hang close to bedside or next to bedside table. Hang under bed for incontinent patients. Use powders on carpeting, mattresses, and windowsills.

Nursery - Diaper pails, spills, spoilage, common nursery odors.

 General Purpose Pouches, Carpet Deodorizer

2 lbs. per 250 sq. ft. for odor control. 2 to 6 tsp.. per sq. ft. on carpeted areas. 4 oz. units in pails.

Hang in rooms, do not block from normal air flow. Use "S" hooks to hang in diaper pails.

Vehicles - All passenger and Recreational vehicles and boats, outgassing of vinyls, paneling, odors from hunting, fishing, mildew, etc.

General Purpose Pouches, Carpet Deodorizer

1 to 2 lbs. per vehicle. 2 to 6 tsp.. per sq. ft. on carpeted areas.

Place 4 oz. or 1 lb. unit under front seat of vehicle. Sprinkle on carpeted areas and vacuum after 24 hours.

Domestic Animals - Control pet waste odors of all types in home and kennel. Reduce flies in outdoor runs.

 General Purpose Pouches, Carpet or Litter Freshener

1 to 2 lbs. per 250 sq. ft. 1/4 cup powder in litter box, 1 lb. per 10 sq. ft. in dog runs.

Hang product in enclosed areas. Use 4 oz. units in small kennels and pet sleeping areas. Sprinkle in litter boxes and on runs.

Trash/Garbage/Compost Bins- Eliminates odors from waste materials, controls flies. Great amendment for organic compost.

General Purpose Pouches, Carpet or Litter Freshener

One or two 4 oz. units in trash containers. 1/4 cup powder in bottom of garbage pails or in compost pails.

Tape units in lid of trash containers. Sprinkle powder in and around trash bins. Add to garbage used for compost.

Product Reviews

  1. I miss the shaker bottle

    Posted by Patsy Koeppe on May 8th 2017

    I like this product and it works very well on my carpet, but I was disappointed that it was not still in a shaker bottle.

  2. Refreshed wool rug

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 25th 2016

    My house was starting to smell very musty when shut up for the day. The smell would hit me when I walked in the door. The likely cause of the mustiness was the combination of having an incontinent senior dog and my attempt to steam clean it, which did not go well as the machine had trouble pulling the water back out. I sprinkled the zeolite powder on it and left it on for 30 minutes per the instructions and since then, I have not had a problem with the musty odor. It even seems to have removed some of the urine stains that other products have not been able to address. The rug looked much nicer. I wish it was a little cheaper given how often I am probably going to have to use this or available through Amazon where I could use the free shipping, but I would definitely buy again.

  3. Easy to use, works

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 1st 2015

    I sprinkled it lightly in the areas that were contaminated with cigarette smoke and amazingly it absorbed much of it so far. It takes a little while like a few days to start to see the results but it's working better than all the other things I've tried for weeks to get rid of the 'old ashtray' smell in my precious stuff after exposure to a smoker! I had been spraying everything with white vinegar, essential oils like Eucalyptus etc with some small effect but those only reduced it a little bit. Even washing things in the machine did not remove the smoke smell. This is the first true relief I'm getting with this Zeolite.

  4. Amazing !

    Posted by Michele on Feb 15th 2015

    We had our carpets cleaned. The cleaner was supposed to only use their " natural" product . Unfortunately, he " pre-treated" our carpet with a chemical cleaner.
    I got terribly sick. The cleaner thought because there was no odor it would be okay.
    I didn't know how to get the checials out of my carpet.
    I ordered two bottles of the zeolite powder. I used one bottle at a time and let it sit on my carpet for hours. It worked!!! After the 1st bottle I noticed a difference and by the second bottle , I was able to be downstairs without getting sick!
    Also, we were given a small carpet that had such a strong smell of fragrance. I sprinkled the little bit of zeolite powder I had left on the carpet and the fragrance was gone!!
    This is an amazing product !!!!

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