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Information on Zeolite Products

zeolite group.gifZeolite Odor Control Products

Zeolite can help by reducing/eliminating the chemical odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, carpet outgassing, and other neurotoxic irritants that can be the underlying cause of these ailments. Zeolite has the ability to adsorb and desorb water and gas molecules (odors) without any chemical or physical change in the zeolite itself. The material can encompass and control many times its weight in odors or moisture. Mildew is an organism that thrives in areas of excess moisture, and leaves a stale, undesirable odor. 

Zeolite Zeofresh products can help reduce symptoms associated with Sick Building Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), Environmental Illness (EI), Migraine Headaches, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
Zeolite Zeofresh products remove the moisture, and the mildew disappears! No harmful chemicals or perfumes are used to mask odor. Volcanic zeolite based odor control products last for years because they can be "recharged in sunlight". After the product has become saturated with the odors it has been absorbing, you can set the mesh pouches outside in direct sunlight for 6 hours and the zeolite recharges and can be used for many years! Bacterial Odor Control (BOC) spray is a natural, concentrated odor eliminator used to remove source molecules from odors without washing. Simply spray and allow to dry and the odor is eliminated. It would be similar to the Febreeze sprays seen on television without the fragrance and chemicals.
How to remove lingering odor problems 

Below you will find answers to most common odor problems. First however, in all circumstances, whenever possible, remove the source of an odor as best as you can before using any type of odor eliminator. The less a product has to overcome in its duties, the more effective it will be. For example, odor from a spot of pet urine on a carpet can often be eliminated by applying a carpet cleaning solution and then extracting the liquid by suction. Treat the residual by liberally spraying BOC on the area and allowing to dry. Finally, apply the Carpet Deodorizer and allow to sit as long as is practical before vacuuming up. However, if the backing of a carpet is saturated with urine, the backing would need to be replaced to give any product a chance to work as the source of the odor is protected from the deodorizing product applied on top of the carpet.


Chemical sensitivity problems: Before we address all odor problems, we'd like to bring up one that is getting more and more frequent. This entails people who are sensitive to perfumes or other odors in a working environment. Our zeolite pouches are extremely effective at helping solve this problem, but they must be used in a particular way.


For extracting perfumes, odors, and gasses from the air, the air must continually pass over and through our Zeofresh pouches. Merely hanging a pouch in one corner of a room will not suffice. This requires circulation, and sometimes multiple pouches. At least 2 pounds per 250 square feet is required. In addition, a small fan of some kind must be utilized. Hang or stand one or more pouches and point the fan directly at them. This will eventually move all the air in a room through the absorbent granules in the pouch(es). On weekends or days when you are out of the office, remove pouch(es) from the area and place in a warm, dry area to recharge them. A sunny windowsill is optimum. This will assure that the pouches are always as their maximum strength.


Central Heating/Air -Whole House System


If you have a central heating/air system, you can easily harness the power of Zeofresh pouches for your entire home, continually removing odors, smoke, mold spores, gasses, and chemical vapors from the air. Here's how: Count the number of heating/air vents in your home. Don't forget to check walk-in closets, laundry, bathrooms, etc. Now divide that figure in half. That is the number of Four-Packs pouches you will need.  In addition, order two one pound pouches.


Using bailing wire, nylon zip ties, or some other kind of strong, flexible wire, attach one 4-ounce pouch inside each vent grate, and attach one 1-pound pouch to the inside of your large, intake vent. (This is usually located in the ceiling, near the center of your house). Note: You must attach the pouches securely to the grates to avoid them falling out into your face the next time you remove the grates*! Place the other half of the pouches in a warm, dry place. Every 3 months, swap out the pouches in your vent with the spare set you have stored. Place the used pouches outside on a sunny day. They will discharge their absorbed pollutants and recharge to be used again and again. After discharging, place the pouches in a plastic bag and into the warm, dry storage area.


* If your room vents are in the floor, you need not attach the pouches, simply stand them inside the floor vents. You can also use additional / larger pouches in the floor vents as there is no danger of them falling.


Being creative with the airflow direction can help. For instance, if you work at a desk or in a cubicle and can position the fan and pouches so the treated air is directed toward your working area, you can further minimize objectionable odors. Some have even hung our pouches inside a box with the ends cut off and directed the fan into the box. Just keep in mind that the object is to circulate the air through the pouches so they can absorb as many odor molecules as possible.


Whenever using our pouches, never constrict the flow of air. For example, if hanging in a closet do not hang between clothing where the material keeps air from getting to the pouch.


For outgassing, such as the vinyl smell in an RV's icebox or refrigerator, keep a pouch inside the appliance and try to stand it up as vertically as possible for maximum exposure. 



zeolite 4 oz pouch.jpgZeolite Multi Use Pouches

Zeolite multi-use pouches.  Various pouches and sizes for all types of jobs for moisture and chemical (odor) absorption.


zeoboc.jpgZeolite BOC Spray

B.O.C. stands for Biological Odor Control. A microscopic plant in a water base that changes foul smelling anaerobic conditions. It is 100% environmentally safe, fragrance free, free of chemicals, toxic substances or organisms.


zeolite group.gifZeolite Specialty Products

Zeolite products for specialty uses such as Carpet Deodorizer, Litter Freshener, Shoe Packs/Powders and Refrigerator Packs.  Also includes Soil Enhancer and OmniZorb.


zeolite-granules.jpg Bulk Zeolite

Bulk Zeolite products for large jobs - including OmniZorb, Bulk Granules and Bulk Powder products.